It is difficult not to cry. In ten months we have lost 5 of our friends, our companions.
Our dogs are as precious to us as our children. They have never questioned our intentions.
They have never been too far away when life was difficult.
They have always made our world the joy that it has been (that it would not have been with out them).


Hollie -
25 Dec 1996 -  5 May 2010

Aust Champion Crystalledge Hollie CD,ET,ADM,JDM,SDX,GD,aus/am HSAs,NA,NAJ,HRD1

A tribute to Holly by Kylie can be found at


Kylie has been working in England and took Tooheys & Hollie with her. Travelling through Europe and competing in America and England -  (Blog -

<<Switzerland                                                                     England>>>
Staring -
Ch Crystalledge Hollie CD,ET,ADM,JDM,SDX,GD,
aus/am HSAs,NA,NAJ,HRD1
Ch Crystalledge Waratah Boy CD.JDX.SD.GD.


Where have we been since 2007 - after 30 years showing dogs, we had a bit of a hiatus or sabbatical. Though we have not been showing, we have spent time judging, stewarding and organising/running the 2nd National Border Collie Show (2009). We plan to return in 2011, hopefully with dogs from our kennels, if not from our lines. During the break we lost a number of our old dogs - it knocks you around a little. But the break has allowed us to plan for the future, the planning hasn't been easy because we believe that we have achieved everything we wanted to do. A couple of new pups just might be the answer, it will also be good to catch up with old friends.



When you have old kennels - you have old dogs.

<  Sampasha Lockerbie Lass ~ Lass.
Champion Crystalledge Jessie Jane ~ Jess.  >

Both dying peacefully in their sleep.
I will see you at the
Rainbow Bridge.




Another Show Champion:
Border Collie

November 2007

"Australian Champion
"Crystalledge Star Quest"  

Grand Champion
Unmasked ET (Kasey)

December 2007



It was not a good day today 20Sept.~
we lost two of our beautiful dogs:
Champion Mundarne Blue Storm ~ Rex  >
<  Champion Minibimbil Uluru Sunset ~ Fanta..
Both put to sleep peacefully ~
Rex because of age, Fanta because of cancer.
Heaven is a better place with them.




When initials after the name count!!!
More titles for holly.

Australian Champion
Crystalledge Hollie

They mean that she is more
than just a pretty face.

Another Show Champion:
Border Collie

"Australian Champion
Eumundi Space Cowboy"

November 2006


Dr Kylie BIRCH

Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Graduated Class of 2004


Another title for Hollie:  
Aug 2004

Aust Ch. Crystalledge Hollie
earns her JDX title

Another Show Champion:
Australian Cattle Dog

December 2005

"Australian Champion
Crystalledge When Ready"




"Australian Champion
Crystalledge Unmasked"

Another Show Champion:
Australian Cattle Dog

At 17 months of age.
January 2004


Another Show Champion:
Australian Cattle Dog

"Australian Champion
Crystalledge Waratahboy"




We place photos and pedigrees on our site for the benefit of our friends and other Border Collie or Australian Cattle Dog enthusiasts. Recently we have been directed to web sites that have used our photos, this is not the problem. Unfortunately some of the information (including pedigrees) attached to the photos on the new sites has been incorrect. Hopefully only a simple error on the site owners behalf. Though - in some instances, other's have taken credit for the original photo, the originals taken by me (or friends) and/or are still in my possession.

Please, if you use any information from our web site, we ask that you ensure that the information is correct and that it is associated to the correct photo or pedigree.  Please, if the information or photo is not yours, give credit to the original web site. Other wise, like other web sites we will takes measures to prevent the downloading of photos, information, pedigrees etc, which is not what we want.




Another Show Champion:
Border Collie

September 2002

"Australian Champion
Crystalledge Adi Galia"



"Australian Champion
Minibimbil Uluru Sunset"


Another Show Champion:
Australian Cattle Dog
March 2002



More obedience titlles for
Ch. Crystalledge Hollie. CD.ET
now AD & JD

Gained herJumping Dog and Agility Dog titles on 30 march 2002.


Another Show Champion:
Border Collie

"Australian Champion
Crystalledge Star Fighter"






"Australian Ch. Crystalledge Jessie Jane" (Jessie)
Another Show Champion:
Australian Cattle Dog

after winning Best of Breed
at Braidwood NSW
3 March 2001


Aust Champion
Crystalledge Hollie CD ET

1st July 2001
Hollie completes the Endurance
Test to give her the added
title of ET


Tuesday, October 31, 2000.
New paper article ~
The NORTHSIDE CHRONICLE: .... Ben - Local Hero
Snake - chomping, Ben's a charmer


    SINCE 2001      


Foundation Dogs
Our foundation dogs: Magic, Ben & Sophie
( Ch Crestvale Show Magic, Ch Minimbah Beau CDX, Ch Rullion Nova CDX )



We are a relatively small kennel, located in the south-eastern region of New South Wales (Australia), only half an hour north of Canberra. (Australian Capital Territory).

We have been involved in dogs now for 30 years, getting our first two Border Collies in late 1979 and early 1980, with the Border Collie being the only breed we could agree upon.

Between these two (Carrie and Ben) we became involved in showing, taking out several awards, and before long we were caught up in it all. Unfortunately we lost Carrie at a very young age, and she was soon replaced (though not forgotten) by Sophie and Magic. It is between these 2 girls and Ben that we have the foundations to our kennels.

As well as showing we became involved in obedience, agility, tracking and also herding. We moved onto our property where we live now (small, yet large enough) partly to give the dogs more space, as well as to have enough room to keep some sheep so the dogs could be trained in herding.

Although we had been 'aquainted' with Australian Cattle Dogs through several friends, it was not until 1988 that we were 'properly introduced'. It was then that Jodie came into our lives. Jodie came to us on the agreement that she was to be the only Cattledog that we would have, but this didn't last. She soon taught us about this great breed, and there were others to follow.

Over the years we have been involved in many aspects of the dogs, and the pups we have bred have gone to pet, show, obedience and working homes.

We both judge at international championship level. Leeanne judges only Border Collies while John judges Groups 2 (Terriers), 5 (Working dogs), 6 (Utility) and 7 (Non-sporting). Both have a long history working on many different clubs committees.

We have always attempted to give back as much as we received from our dogs and in doing so, we hope that both the Border Collie and Australian Cattle dog will benefit from this. With the help of other breeders and breed enthusiasts, the Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog will always remain number one in whatever endeavour they compete in.

John & Leeanne BIRCH
462 Weeroona Drive, Wamboin,
New South Wales, Australia 2620
Phone 61 . 2 . 62369112



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