Aust. Champion
Minimbah Beau CDX
~ Ben ~
24 April 1980 - 1993
Sire: Aust Ch. Lochvista Royal Snip
Dam: Koonanda Bonny
Breeders: H&A Caddy



Ben was our first Border Collie, teaching us much about these dogs and introducing us to the worlds of showing & obedience.

Ben was a "very" slow maturing dog, but despite this he won many classes in group and at specialty shows, at a young age.

Whilst waiting for him to mature, Ben started in the obedience ring where he quickly got his CD and CDX titles. Later he also got 2/3 of his UD passes.

Ben eventually got his show title as well (giving him a 'Silver Dunbar' award - Ch. & CDX) all this while competing against his sons, grandsons & our other dogs.

He went on to win Best Of Breed - Canberra Royal 1982 and Best Of Breed - Brisbane Royal 1987 over many other big winning Border Collies. At Brisbane beating his son Sweep (Aust Ch. Crystalledge Heritage) into Reserve Challenge. He is also a Specialty Class In Show Winner.

He has left us a great gift through his children: AustCh. Crystalledge Heritage, and others.

He also taught us that patience is the greatest virtue, these days, with every body in a hurry for a champion dog, we would have missed this beautiful dog and not enjoyed the many memories that he has left us.
Where he liked to be - always on top of things
As dad remembers him. 14 years old.

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