Blue Aust. Champion
Bordercheck Steely Dan CD
~ Blue ~
Sire: Ch. Crystalledge Heritage
Dam: Gotrah Bindi CD
Breeder: Mrs J. Bray
1985 - 1992







Blue 5 yrs
Blue at about 5 yrs old

Blue was our own 'all-round' boy.

He was a coloured dog, being shown in a time where coloured dogs rarely got looked at. He helped convert the opinion of many judges and open the eyes and attitudes of other exhibitors, showing that not all the good dogs were black and white.

Blue became "the" first Blue Border Collie male in Australia (possibly the world) to get his Show Title. He won many large challenges to gain this title, including Multiple Semi - Specialty Challenges, several Best Australian Working Dog in Show awards, as well as multi Class in Group and Class In Show awards.

Blue's favourite time was that spent out herding - something that's not all that common in show dogs these days. Ironically it was his love of working in the paddock that killed him, in that he suffered blood poisoning from an injury he received working a ram years earlier.

Blue easily adapted from herding to the obedience ring, being an easy worker, getting his CD title and 2/3 of his CDX title.

"He might not be a good example of a perfect Border Collie, but he his was definitely a perfect example of a good Border Collie".

Blue pup Big feet = big future
 When the winning started.
  Yes! he grew into all that bone
and those ears.



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