Sire: Crystalledge Journey Man
Dam: Aust Ch. Mundarnee Crystal Blue
D.O.B : 25 December 1996


Australian Ttitles:

C.D = Companion Dog (Novice obedience)
J.D.M = Jumping Dog Master (Highest level jumping) 
J.D.O = (Open Jumping with distance component)
G.D = Novive Gamblers
E.T = Endurance Dog (20 k or 15 Mile course)     

A.D.M = Agility Dog Master (Highest level agility)
A.D.O = (Open Agility with distance component)
S.D.X = Snooker Dog Excellent (2nd Highest level)
HSAs = Herding Started on Sheep

American Titles

HSAs = Herding Started on Sheep
N.A = Novice Agility.   

HRD1 = Herding Ranch Dog Started
 N.A.J =Novice Agilty Jumping.



Hollie 4 weeks

Hollie at about 4 weeks

Hollie as a 3 yr old


Hollie 3 years

Hollie 3 years

Hollie as a 2 yr of age.

Hollie at 3 1/2 yrs. 

Hollie at 10 years of age.

Hollie herding.

Hollie herding.

Hollie demonstrating the instincts needed for her HIT title.

At 8 yrs of age - Hollie enjoying agility and jumpers trials.


Horizontal at 10 years of age, the ability and enjoyment hasn't waned.

Earning her Herding Started (HS) status

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